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Migration to AWS

We help companies make the leap to world No. 1 cloud with simple lift-and-shift or architecture redesign according to AWS best practices (otherwise, why make the move, right?). Setup of environment, data migration, shift to managed AWS services, training and consulting - everything from the hands of certified AWS professionals.

Migration to AWS

Migration support

If you are planning to make the migration to AWS by yourself, we might be of help by providing you some free AWS service credits to get you covered during the transition period and to play around with some new services. Next to that, we are always open for sharing best practices of utilizing the magic of AWS and willi to guide new AWS users in the right direction. 

Migration to AWS

Full migration services

If you would like your migration to AWS delivered by experienced and certified professionals, let Cloudvisor handle this task. Usually the process of migration involves these steps:

  • Audit and analysis of current setup and infrastructure.
  • Architecture design according to AWS best practices.
  • Setup and configuration of the new environment.
  • Data migration to AWS. Going live! 
  • Training the engineers who will be taking care of the AWS environment or continued cooperation that covers maintenance, development and support of your new infrastructure.

If you’re a startup, have in mind that in some cases all of this might come for free – AWS might be willing to cover the costs of your migration! So please contact us to check if your company is eligible.

Certifications awarded to our specialists